The last few decades in the history of mankind has seen enormous growth of technology and its utilization for creating a better global society by disseminating the knowledge down to common man, thereby transcending the geographical boundaries. The accessibility of knowledge is not confined to any nation. Thus the whole world has acquired a bigger vision of coexisting with divergent societal patterns.

As the technology get it enormous success in different kind of work area mostly in private section, Government is also trying to use different technology to serve municipal citizens better. Using of the technology make municipal service in quick response, with error free with full of security and accountability.

Now what is E-Governance?

In simple terms Electronic Governance can be defined as giving citizens the choice of when and where they access government information and services. While e-Governance entails the processes used to provide services to the public, e-Government is the tool to accomplish e-Governance.

Putting the citizen at the center of government means taking a delivery channel view. This would mean using more and more of Electronics & Information Technology in many of the government functions

There are three aspects to the e-Governance –

  • IT enabling the government functions – something similar to back-office automation.
  • Web-enabling the government functions so that the citizens will have a direct access.
  • Improving Government processes so that openness, accountability, accuracy, speed of operations, effectiveness and efficiency may be achieved.
E-Governance in Bhadreswar Municipality:

Bhadreswar Municipality has taken initiative of introduce e-Governance system in the year 2002 by establishing GIS (Geographical Information System).

In the year 2010 we have started issuing of computerized Birth & Death certificate to Municipal citizen, and by the end of this year 2011, Bhadreswar Municipality is planning to start totally computerized …

  • Property Tax
  • Assessment
  • Heath System
  • Financial Accounting System
  • Other public services.