Bhadreshwar Municipality was established in 1869.At that time only health care service was provided through R.K.Charitable dispensary established in 1916.It was emerged that Urban poor especially the slam dwellers were vulnerable to various ailments because of lack of knowledge of personal health care and absence of appropriate system for preventive health care facility .So, a community based Primary Health care Mechanism was developed.

CUDP-III was designed on the basis of the survey and the programme was taken up with the assistance of World Bank .The focus was on maternal and child health and reproductive child health services. The objectives of CUDP-III was included

a.Preventive Activities. Local HHW to promote and create proper health awareness.c.maximum utilization of existing resources.d.Community Participation.

The network formed of HAU-SUBCENTRE-BLOCK.. Step by step our municipality established the following infrastructure for giving benefit to urban poor.

Starting date of The following Schemes
  • R.K.Charitable Dipensery 1916
  • 1986 CUDP-III HAU-Segunbagan.
  • 1991 CUDP-III HAU-Subhash Maidan
  • 1991 CUDP-III ESOPD.
  • 1994 IPP-VIII HAU-N.S.Road.
  • 1997 IPP-VIII HAU Digra.
  • 1997 IPP-VIII ESOPD.
  • 2000 Regional Diagnostic Center.
  • 2002 UHIP (Up gradation Of HAU-RDC-Maternity).
  • Orthopedic 2006
  • Physiotherapy Dept 2000
  • ANM- 2 batch, 1st batch June 2008 2nd batch April 2010

We have received Financial and man power support in all wings. Also we received most of the equipment, furniture, instruments from Head Quarter. All these services were implemented keeping target for up liftmen of Maternity and Child Health Care.

Nutrition Programme, Vocational Training, EDP training, Reproductive Health Education for adolescent (boys and girls), Folk Programme were taken up regularly to develop Health Awareness among the people so that they could develop a sense of maintaining and attaining their health by themselves. The projects also focused on empowerment of women and IEC activities trough V.T. for self-employment and generation of awareness about the health Hazard. The Projects also provided establishment of creche, procurement of ambulance, drugs etc.

Health services was emerged successful being low cost participatory and community Based indicator of our area is given below

Name BaseLine Mar, 2006 Mar, 2007
C.B.R 28 9.26 10.9
C.B.R 28 9.26< 10.9
I.M.R 64 2.63 12.89
M.M.R 3.22 0 0.88
C.P.R 12.93 83.22 87.28
Immunization status
B.C.G 10% 82.57 101.58
D.P.T 13% 77.22 New Ward: 83.83
O.P.V 13% 77.22 83.83
Measles 10% 82.57 101.58
B.C.G 5% 62.67 72.43
Institution delivery 24.5% 80.14 73.65