31 Primary and Upper Primary schools including two Municipality run Primary Schools running in the Municipality were made to bring about institutional reforms in the delivery system of the Municipality so as to improve operational efficiency in municipal schools and to improve the performance of the schools with respect to the number and quality of students and also to provide a linkage to the overall state system of delivery of education.

It has been reported that for overseeing the Municipal Education functions there are several committees operating like the

  • Ward Education Committee
  • Shakharata Parishad
  • Municipal Level Committee
  • Literacy Cell

It has been reported that the Sarba Siksha Abhiyan Programme has been initiated in this district in order to achieve universalization of primary education with specific emphasis on quality improvement and a steady increase in access and retention. Along with the setting up of SSK and activation of Ward Education Committees circulars are being issued to address the following likes

  • Biswa Nari Divas Palan
  • Distribution of Posters
  • Upgrading Child Register
  • Observing Handicapped Day
  • Observing Nari Sachatonata Divas
  • Ward specific quantification of dropout

The Mid Day Meal Programme is functional in 14 schools. Infrastructure Development Grant has been provided to 10 schools to build kitchen facilities. None of the schools have Fire Protection Services, which should have been a mandatory facility, associated with the Mid day Meal programme

Gender wise positioning of teaching


Adarsha Chhatra Sangha Pathsala 4 0
Andhra Bharatiya Prathamika Vidyalaya 7 0
Arabinda Pally Primary School 1 2
Bhadreswar Poura Prathamik Vidyalay 1 1
Chanditala Prathamik Vidyalaya 5 3
&Digra Prathamik Vidyalaya 2 2
Gopabandhu Prathamik Vidyalaya 5 0
I.J.M.A. Labour Welfare Centre Primary School 2 2
Kabi Sishu Siksha Kendra 0 2
Khurigachi Fakir Ch. Dutta Pri.School 1 2
Khurigachi High.School 7 2
Krisnapatty Poura Prathamik Vidyalay 3 2
Mahosin Parimary School 3 0
Manick Nagar Prathamik Vidyalaya 3 2
Mankundu F.P. School 3 2
Hazi Md.Mohsin Primary School 3 0
Municipal Biss free Primary School 5 0
Muzaffar Ahmed G.S.F.P School 15 0
Netaji Bidyapith school 3 0
Quasemul Uloom Primary school 5 1
Santinagar Prathamik Vidyapith 1 2
Sarat Vidyapith 1 1
Sishusiksha Sadan G.S.F.P. School 2 5
Telenipara Mahatma Gandhi Vidyapith 7 1
Teleni para Bhadreswar Girls Primary School 3 0
&Telinipara Matri Bhawan Primary School 1 2
Victoria Hindi Primary School 3 0
Vidya Sagar SSK 0 3
(blank) 57 30